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Casa de nancy is located in Bamfield, British Columbia, Canada. We are on the West coast of Vancouver island, about 100 kilometers West of Port Alberni. Bamfield is on the southern corner of Barkley Sound, which is right in the middle of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

Getting to Vancouver Island:

In Vancouver, make your way to either the Horshoe Bay, or Tswassen Ferry Terminals to get to Nanaimo... Or, you can get to Victoria from Seattle via the Victoria Clipper:

Flying: - You can fly right into Bamfield Harbour with one of these airlines:

Once on the Island:
From Nanaimo, or Victoria, make your way North on the Island Highway and take the HWY 4 exit to Port Alberni. From Port Alberni, you can either take the Lady Rose ferry to Bamfield, or travel for about 1hr 45 min on a gravel road to get to the village. We recommend you fuel up in Port Alberni before you get onto the road. There are signs in Port Alberni that lead you to the "Bamfield Road." "Follow the signs and power lines."

There are also bus services that will pick you up either in Nanaimo, Port Alberni, Victoria, or Port Renfrew:

When you arrive in Bamfield, turn left at the 4 way stop and proceed to the East Dock.  Unload your vehicle, then park your car wherever a spot is available.  You can ask at the motel for parking for a fee.

You will need to phone for a taxi,  if your cell phone doesn't work, there are two payphones at the motel.

Bamfield Water Taxi 250.278.1295. 
Operating hours are from 8AM -8PM.
Cost is $10 for 2 people and 5$ for each other person.  Kids are free.

Click here for booking, rates and availability

Bamfield, British Columbia
Canada - V0R 1B0
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March 4, 2019
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