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Fishing regulations, licenses and fees:
Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans - Pacific Region

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casa de nancy TRADE OPTIONS.  Want to stay for free, work a little each day?  Or would you rather just tackle one wee job and have it taken off your tab?  All help is appreciated and rewarded; I am flexible. Let's negotiate!!

WATERLINE INSTALLATION.   Requires  a strong back and dedication.  Interested?  About 50 feet of digging in a proper line.   Machines don't work.  Lots of youse guys want to come fish?  If you all pitched in,  it would take one day.   

PLUMBING.   Just need to tidy up a few areas, not too hard, have supplies,  short on tools, like crimpers, etc.   will need a drill with bit to make a hole in plywood, for the pipes to come through.  it's all that plastic pipe not copper.  I am not a plumber. 

LANDSCAPING.  Need help with heavy rocks, drainage, moving a Rhody, and sculpting existing areas. 

ROCK WORK. Seawall construction.


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Bamfield, British Columbia
Canada - V0R 1B0
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August 9, 2015
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